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California I immediately fell in love with this song. Sometimes we work for a dream we think we want and by the time we actually get it, we realize what we really wanted was right in front of us! For me, the mandolin work done for this song was inspirational. It sets the tone of the entire song.

Im Gonna Rescue Me This is a really fun song with a twist on traditional fairytales. If your prince comesgreat! But if he turns out to be more like the toadmake your own fairytale! Besides, its always great to imagine yourself riding off into the sunset on a beautiful horse!

I am Not Afraid After Sept.11th, this song had a more powerful meaning to me. Americas strength comes from the unity of the people. If we stand strong behind our beliefs, and support our U.S. troops, we can make it through anything. God Bless the U.S.A!!

Angels Already Have Their Wings this song is for everyone who has lost a loved one. When I recorded this song, I thought of my sweet Grandmother Bessie. My sister sang the harmony in this song so it was really special for us.

I Was Raised That Way was written especially for me after our friend and talented writer visited our home in Virginia and got to know my family. Its very similar to how I grew up on a little farm with my parents and sister. To me, its a song about living a good, simple life with the ones you love.

Done Hasnt everyone had a boyfriend or girlfriend and after a long relationship finally realized it was over, finished, should have done so long ago kind of thing? When I was recording this song I had a girlfriend who was going through this with a guy she had been dating, so she recorded this on her cell-phone answering machine so when he called he got the messageliterally! HA

Between You and Me IS a song about how our lives evolve, and how love evolves. When you fall in love at a young age, youre still in the growing up stage of your life. Each person is still finding out about themselves. When you love someone, you hope the roads you travel on go in the same direction. Sometimes they dont, and thats what this song is about.

In Way Over My Heart How many of us have been there? You jump in with both feet and before you know it youre hooked and there is no turning backyoure in love.

Chasing the Moon is a beautiful love song. I enjoyed recording this because my sister sang harmony for me. With so many men and women over seas today this song seems to echo what many of their worried loved ones at home may be feeling.

Dance Between the Raindrops touched home with me because I grew up in a one hundred year old house, and I watched my parents repair, and repair, and then repair some more. I remember my parents painting the roof of our house when a song came on the radio. They stopped painting and started dancing together on the roof. They have been married almost thirty years and their commitment to each other has always been and inspiration to me.

I Was Raised That Way

Laura Maureen Sullivan