I want to thank everyone for all the support and votes given to me as I persued my dream during the second season of "Nashville Star." I only wish I could personally thank each and every one of you. Some days, I received as many as 160 e-mails and I have been trying to answer each and every one.

What a great experience this has been for me. I just turned twenty-two before the show began and feel so honored to be working among such accomplished artists. I know it васильевский остров достопримечательностиisn't easy, and there's a lot of hard work involved, but standing on that stage and being able to perform for youseeing your faces and hearing your cheers makes it all worth while.

The "Nashville Star II" season had a dynamite group of performers. I can still feel their passion, drive and excitement and it only makes me want to continue on this path. I hope someday it will be my turn, and I am honored to have been among the top fifteen in the nation for "Nashville Star." The added bonus was working with the show and crew, and becoming friends with so many talented performers. They are all stars in my book!

Thanks so much,


Nashville Star "NUMBER ONES"

March 13th Laura will be standing on stage live at the Roy Acuff Theater in Nashville and will find out if she is chosen to be the Wildcard for the show. We need everyone to support her by watching the show at 10:00pm EST on USA Network and crossing toes, fingers, and saying prayers that she will continue on the show.

If that dream comes true please remember to watch for her number to vote and start dialing and continue to dial because voting continues for three hours after the show. If you can't get through please stay up because it gets easier after the first half hour. Watch and vote and don't forget to pass the word on to others.

Thank you so much for all your support and help

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Laura Sullivan has won in her region and will now compete in the top twenty in the US. She just competed in the Regional Competition of Nashville Star in Philadelphia on January 15, 2004. Four regionals were held across the United States in Los Angles, Dallas, Nashville and Philadelphia. Twenty people were selected to advance to the semi-finals which will be held in Nashville on February 21st, 2004 in the Roy Acuff Theater.

Over 8000 people auditioned for the second season of Nashville Star. On February 21st, ten people will be selected by the judges to move "in house" and one more will be chosen by the American audience by calling in their votes. The first episode will air on March 6, 2004 on USA Network at 10:00pm hosted by Nancy O'Dell. During that show they will show Laura and the other contestants as they advanced from local to regional and to the semi-final competition. If she is chosen to live "in house" she will perform each week and America will call in their votes for the one they want to advance to the next show. The person who receives the least amount of votes will be eliminated off the show until only one is remaining as the new Nashville Star.

You may call as many as ten times from one number before the computer will block your calls. So get on the phone and CALL, CALL, CALL AND VOTE, VOTE, VOTE FOR LAURA SULLIVAN if she advances into the finals. Your phone calls and support will make the difference!!

Check back for updates

Six of the twenty finalists
George Canyon

Matt, Laura, Heather and George relaxing before going on stage
Brent, Mal, Richie & Sean Patrick

Chris & Rosie Q102 Morning Talk Show
Ben & Brian WMZQ Nationwide Morning Talk Show

On the air with Chris & Rosie Q102 Morning Talk Show

Washington D.C. winners
Laura & J. Blackwell
Ben & Brian WMZQ 98.7 with winners

Laura & Tommy performing


Laura, singing live on the Ben and Brian Show, WMZQ

WMZQ with Laura and Jay

Laura, opening for Buddy Jewell at the legendary Birchmere

Laura and Tommy warming up before the show

Just being silly
Waiting backstage

Jay, Laura and Buddy
Laura and Buddy

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